A Yaozhou moulded celadon radiating petal pattern bowl

The bowl is of open form with gently curved sides everted slightly at the rim. The interior is decorated with two concentric registers of radiating narrow overlapping petals, suggesting a chrysanthemum flower, with sixty in the outer register and twenty-two in the inner register. The exterior is carved with petal-like grooves. A light olive-green glaze covers the bowl inside and out and on the base, pooling to a deeper tone in the recesses of the carving. The rim, the reverse and the base with some light brown and dry areas. The knife-pared footrim is unglazed, showing the fine-grained light-grey ware.

Collection of Professor Brian M. Salzberg, no. 1102
For a comparable bowl, sold by this gallery, see Priestley & Ferraro, “Song Ceramics”, November 2008.

A line drawing of a shard of this pattern of bowl, excavated at the Yaozhou kiln site, is illustrated in 宋代耀州窑址 “The Yaozhou Kiln Site of the Song Period”, fig. 62, no. 7, p. 111, where it is dated to the middle period of the Northern Song dynasty. A complete example of a bowl of this type is in the Palace Museum, illustrated in 中国耀州窑 “Yaozhou kiln of China”, no. 82, p. 110; another is illustrated in the same volume, p. 324, fig. 11; and a third, from the Eugene Bernat collection is illustrated by Wirgin, Sung Ceramic Designs, pl. 7, h, discussed p. 43.

Dimensions: Diameter: 12.4 cm, 5 inches

Date: Northern Song dynasty (960-1127), 11th/12th century

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