A black and white star pattern dish

The dish is of circular form decorated over a lightly slipped body with a star pattern formed by five ‘U’-shaped areas of glossy dark brown glaze extending from the rim. The underside is similarly decorated, with broader areas of glaze forming a roughly pentagonal pattern centred on the low flared knife-pared foot. The body material, visible around the foot and in the centre of the interior is of characteristic flecked grey colour. 

The most famous kilns to make dishes of this striking type were 
the Yaozhou kilns in Shaanxi, best known for their Song dynasty celadons, but they were not alone. For an example from the Dengfeng kilns, see 中国登封窑 “Dengfeng Kiln of China”, p. 043. In the absence of definite parallels, it is difficult to make an attribution as to kiln, however the body material of the present dish appears to be close to Yaozhou wares of the period.

Dimensions: Diameter: 16.3 cm, 6 ½ inches

Date: Tang dynasty (618-906)

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