A Korean underglaze-iron painted celadon glazed ewer and cover

高麗十一至十二世紀   青瓷鐵畫菊花紋執壺及蓋

The ewer is stoutly potted with a slightly compressed globular body supporting a short straight neck with out-turned rim. A short, curved spout with tear-shaped opening is set on the shoulders opposite a double-stranded handle. The sides are skilfully painted in iron pigment with a large central blossom resembling a stylized chrysanthemum, with numerous radiating petals, encircled by scrolling foliage. A border of sinuous radiating petals encircles the top of the shoulders. The circular cover has a depressed central field painted with a stylized flower with a protruding boss in the centre, within a border of further radiating petals around the rim. A celadon glaze has been applied overall, fired to a light olive-green colour, clearer on one side, leaving only the footrim of the countersunk foot unglazed, showing the grey ware.

Priestley & Ferraro, 'Chinese and Korean Ceramics and Works of Art', November 2018, no. 16

For a series of Goryeo underglaze-iron painted wares, mostly dated to the eleventh century, see Selected Items out of Horim Museum, Celadon III, nos. 1-81, which includes a ewer of similar shape to the present one, though painted with a different style of flower, no. 24, pp. 40-41.  For a maebyong painted with a similar floral design as the present ewer, in the Freer Gallery of Art, see Milo C. Beach, “The Freer Gallery of Art” in Korean Art, Articles from Orientations 1970- 2013, pp. 286-306, fig.11, p. 292, where the author notes that iron-painted celadons belong to a different lineage of production from most Goryeo celadons. This view is seconded in the entries to three iron-painted celadons exhibited in The Radiance of Jade and the Clarity of Water, Korean Ceramics from the Ataka Collection, nos. 24-26, pp. 60-62, where it is noted that a large-scale kiln producing iron-painted celadons was found at Haenam County, South Jeolla province. 

Dimensions: Length: 19 cm, 7 ½ inches; Height: 14 cm, 5 ½ inches

Date: Goryeo dynasty (918-1392), 11th/12th century

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