A small russet-splashed black-glazed bowl

金   小型黑秞鐵鏽斑盌

The bowl has rounded sides rising to a slightly incurved rim. The interior is decorated with five speckled russet splashes radiating from the centre, two indistinct, set against a lustrous black ground. The exterior is similarly glazed in black around the top of the sides, over a thinner layer of deep russet-coloured glaze, falling short of the low straight footrim to reveal the buff ware.

Priestley & Ferraro, 'Chinese and Korean Ceramics and Works of Art', London, November 2016, no. 6

It is very rare to find an example of this type of radiating-splash bowl of such diminutive proportions. Larger bowls, generally described as being of Cizhou-type, are well known. A white-rimmed example is illustrated by Robert Mowry, Hare’s Fur, Tortoiseshell and Partridge Feathers, p. 147, no. 41. Another, excavated in 1985 at Xiyingsi village, Shouzhou city, Shanxi, is illustrated by Zhang Bai, Zhongguo Chutu Ciqi Quan Ji, 5, Shanxi (Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China, Volume 5 (Shanxi), no. 157.

Dimensions: Diameter: 11 cm, 4 ⅜ inches

Date: Jin dynasty (1115-1234) 12th/13th century

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