A Dingyao ewer with flared mouth

唐晚期 九至十世紀   定窯 白瓷喇叭口執壺

The ewer is superbly potted with a tall upright ovoid body. The shoulders are set on one side with an upward-pointing short spout. The handle, set opposite, is formed of three strands, one shorter and ending in a curl, bound together at the top and fixed with a stud at the bottom where the handle joins the body. The upper end of the handle is attached to the flared neck, opening to a wide mouth. The vessel is applied with a fine slip covered with a clear glaze pooling in places to a very pale blue colour, leaving parts of the sides of the foot and the flat underside of the base unglazed, showing the very fine-grained white ware.

Dr Ip Yee Collection
Peter and Nancy Thompson Collection
Mayuyama & Co. Ltd

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University of Hull Art Collection, From the Tang to the Qing: Chinese Ceramics from circa 618-1850 AD from the Collection of Dr and Mrs Peter Thompson (Hull, 1996) 
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For a very similar ewer, excavated from a site in Quyang, Hebei, in 1965 and now in the Hebei Cultural Research Institute, see Ding Ci Yishu“Ding Porcelain Art”, p. 47, pl. 54.

Dimensions: Height: 21.4 cm, 8 ⅜ inches

Date: Late Tang dynasty (618-906), 9th/10th century

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