A Cizhou-type white-glazed sgraffiato jar

北宋早期或遼    白釉剃花纏枝花紋罐

The jar is of guan form, with a compressed globular body, a short slightly flared ribbed neck around a wide mouth and a low flared foot. The exterior is boldly carved through a thick layer of slip with two large ball-like flowers borne on a fleshy stem with spear-head shaped leaves, all with feathery detailing. The ground is also applied with slip giving a bianco-sopra-bianco effect, and the whole is applied with a clear glaze. The wide knife-pared footrim and the underside of the base are unglazed, showing the fine-grained grey ware. This jar is an unusual variant of the deeply carved sgraffiato type, having the ground also applied with slip.

Dimensions: Diameter: 14 cm, 5½ inches

Date: Early Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) or Liao dynasty (907-1125), 10th/11th century

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