A painted pottery figure of a court lady

唐  彩繪陶女士

The figure is well modelled standing with the arms, within capacious sleeves, held in front of the long robe falling in folds to the feet. Her head is cocked slightly to one side, with clear features showing remains of red and black pigments. Her hair is dressed in a high double chignon of the type called 鬧掃妝髻 nao sao zhuang ji, "troublesome swept up bun". Small traces of wood shavings, which presumably covered the whole chignon to simulate the texture of real hair, remain in places. 

English private collection

Priestley & Ferraro, 'Chinese Art', London, November 1998

Dimensions: Height: 31 cm, 12 ¼ inches

Date: Tang dynasty (618-906)

Stock No. 1849

Price: On Request