A pair of bamboo buddhistic lions

清 竹雕佛獅一對

The Buddhist lions are carved as a mirror pair, each seated upright with the head turned to the side. The faces have bulging inlaid eyes, open mouths and are flanked by long ears. The coats are shaggy, dividing into tufts along the spine. Each has a cub on the back and at the feet, and a brocade ball. The bamboo has a rich deep patination. 

From the collection of Timothy Lewis (1937-2004), Melplash Court, Dorset
Duke's Fine Art Auctions, Dorset, Melplash Court Sale, 23rd September 2010, lot  1181.


Dimensions: Height: 24 cm, 9 ½ inches

Date: Qing dynasty (1644-1911)

Stock No. 1689

Price: On Request