3. A set of three pottery figures of musicians

The standing figure is finely modelled, dressed in a white shenyi robe, with the hands held in front within capacious pleated folds of red and white, above the long flared skirt with pink pantaloons showing at the feet. One kneeling figure, similarly dressed to the standing figure, plays an ocarina, while the second kneeling figure has arms held out within narrower sleeves, as if playing a qin. The faces of all three figures are of triangular shape, detailed with eyes and eyebrows, with remains of pink pigment for the complexion, and with the black-painted hair drawn up on each side.

It is rare to find such finely modelled small scale pottery figures from this period. Representing members of the retinue of a deceased prince or noble, they would have served and entertained the deceased in the afterlife.

Dimensions: Heights: 29.5 cm, 20 cm and 19.5 cm; 11? inches, 7 ? inches and 7 ? inches

Date: Han dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)

Stock No. 1853

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