Asian Art in London 2022

The twenty-fifth edition of Asian Art in London will take place from October 20th to November 5th.  Our exhibition will open on Thursday 27th October.  Further updates will follow!


我們很榮幸在2022年夏天的倫敦亞洲藝術周期間展示展覽:    “思维太子”   展覽將於6月開幕一 直到7月結束 夏天的倫敦亞洲藝術周展覽將於 6月29日開幕一 直到7月2日結束   展覽時間: 星期一至星期五: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm 7月一日:9.30 ...

Asian Art in London Summer Event!

To coincide with the inaugural Asian Art in London Summer Event,   Priestley & Ferraro is delighted to present their new exhibition:   The Crown Prince in Meditation   Summer 2022 Asian ...

Welcome 歡迎

Priestley & Ferraro specialises in early Chinese art, with a particular focus on the ceramics of the Song dynasty. The Song dynasty and the dynasties immediately preceding and succeeding it were in ceramics terms the most exciting and innovative in Chinese history, with kilns all over China making beautiful and characteristic wares. In this rich and rewarding field we aim to find for the collector the finest and most interesting pieces. Apart from ceramics, we also buy and sell many types of works of art, again with an early focus. This includes Song dynasty silver and plain lacquer, Yuan and Ming dynasty carved lacquers, and Ming dynasty jades and cloisonné enamels. We also deal in sculpture, including Han dynasty and Tang dynasty pottery animals and figures and Buddhist stone carving, as well as some paintings on silk.

The business was established in 1994 by David Priestley and Benedicta Ferraro. David studied Song dynasty ceramics under Mary Tregear at Oxford, before joining Sotheby's in London where he worked as an expert in the Chinese Department.

The gallery is located in St James's, south of Piccadilly, an area rich in dealers and famous for being the home of Christie's, the auctioneers, who hold regular sales of Chinese art.

Priestley & Ferraro is a regular participant in Asian Art in London and Asia Week New York.

Priestley & Ferraro is a member of the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA).