8. A sancai-glazed pottery figure of a horse with long combed mane

The horse is naturalistically modelled standing square  on a rectangular base. The small amber-glazed head is  turned to the near side and held at an angle, wearing  a bridle set with large tasselled cheek pieces and  with further tassels to the nose and forehead. The  long straw glazed mane, extending from the pricked  ears to the front of the saddle is combed to the near  side. The saddle, unglazed and with traces of orange  pigment, is secured by the breast strap and breech  strap, both suspended with further large tassels in  mixed straw and green glazes. The body and legs are  amber glazed and the bound tail is straw-glazed. The  unglazed areas revealed on the saddle and base are a  fine-grained light pinkish buff colour. 

Long combed manes on Tang sancai horses are usually 
reserved for the magnificent large-scale models of horses  associated with imperial tombs and it is rare to find a smaller  sancai horse, as here, with such a fine mane. 

For a comparable horse, but with a hogged mane, modelled 
in the same stance, with the same colour of coat and also  with a painted saddle and saddlecloth, see Jiurutang Collection,  no. 69, p. 103.

Dimensions: Height: 49 cm, 19 ¼ inches

Date: Tang dynasty (618-906)

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