A gilt-painted dark-brown lacquer drum-shaped stool

清中期,十八世紀   褐漆描金五福紋高束腰鼓式圓凳

The stool is of lightweight gutui pengya (鼓腿彭牙) construction, having a convex apron and five outwardly curved legs together making the form of a drum. The zigzag-bordered disc-shaped top is painted in gold with a design of five bats around a central medallion, above a narrow waist pierced with openwork apertures. The apron, with “cloud heads” above each leg and between each leg is painted with stylized flowers and foliage. The five bowed legs each have a central boss painted with a bat. The inturned scroll feet are supported on balls evenly spaced around the perimeter of the circular stretcher, painted with stylized scrollwork.

French private collection

For a five-legged lacquered drum-shaped stool dating rather earlier, to the Ming dynasty, set on top with a cloisonné panel, see the furniture section of the Palace Museum database, at dpm.org.cn/collection/gear/229329. The stool, applied with the same kind of crushed mother-of-pearl lacquer seen on catalogue items 6 and 13, shows the same proportions and waisted construction as the present stool.

A label to the base of the stool reads: “T et Cie, Paris, 455”.

Dimensions: Height: 46 cm, 18 inches

Date: Mid-Qing dynasty, 18th century

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