A Persimmon-glazed shouldered jar

北宋至金     約耀州柿釉小罐

The jar is of well potted upright ovoid form with rounded shoulders supporting the wide mouth with short everted lipped rim. The exterior of the jar and the interior of the neck are applied with a rich even persimmon-brown glaze, with a soft bloom to the glossiness, reaching almost to the foot. The base, with narrow knife-pared footrim, is unglazed, fired to a speckled russet colour with the fine-grained grey body revealed in a very small kiln-shelf chip.

Song potters began to experiment with thinly potted wares applied with persimmon or black glazes in imitation of contemporary high-status lacquer wares, and while their earlier wares of this type followed lacquer forms, such as bowls and cupstands, it was not long before the glaze was applied to non-lacquer shapes, like the present jar. 

Dimensions: Height: 12.3 cm, 4 ⅞ inches

Date: Northern Song (960-1127) to Jin dynasty (1115-1234); Perhaps Yaozhou kilns, Shaanxi province

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