A four-footed jar and cover with boy-shaped knop

唐晚期   約邢窯白釉墊形罐及卧童蓋 

The jar is of round-cornered square section supported on four short paw-shaped feet. The sides are each decorated with two registers of three incised grass-like sprigs, and set on each corner with an applied circular boss centred with an incised ring. The jar is applied with a clear glaze over a white slip, covering the jar inside and out, including the underside of the base. The cover has short upright sides and a domed top, surmounted by a crawling baby boy.

Collection of M. Meyer (paper label to the base).

Exhibition of Chinese Art, Palazzo Ducale, Venice, 1954, cat. no. 360.
The Arts of the T'ang Dynasty, The Oriental Ceramic Society, London, 1955, cat. no. 172.
Chinese Gold, Silver and Porcelain. The Kempe Collection, Asia House Gallery, New York, 1971, cat. no. 93, an exhibition touring the United States and shown also at nine other museums.

Literature and references:
'Hsing-Yao and Ting-Yao', The Bulletin of Far Eastern Antiquities, no. 25, 1953, Stockholm, 1953, pl. 17, fig. 14.
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Dimensions: Height: 11.2 cm, 4 ⅜ inches; Diameter: 10.5 cm, 4 ⅛ inches

Date: Late Tang dynasty, 9th/10th century, Perhaps Xing kilns, Hebei

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