A large moulded Yaozhou bowl

北宋   耀州窯印纏枝花卉紋盌

The bowl is finely potted with broad rounded sides springing from a low well-finished footrim. The interior is moulded with a central flowerhead, encircled around the well with six further flowerheads, seen alternately head-on and from the side, borne on a scrolling stem aid dense stylized foliage. The exterior is simply decorated with radiating lines, perhaps suggesting overlapping petals. The glaze, which covers both interior and exterior, is of light olive-green colour, pooling to a deeper tone in the recesses of the decoration.

Priestley & Ferraro, 'Song Ceramics and Works of Art', November 2010, no.5.

The floral decoration on bowls of this type is difficult to identify and is often wrongly described as peony or chrysanthemum. Jan Wirgin, in his seminal work Sung Ceramic Designsdescribes the foliage as a "sickle-leaf scroll" and suggest that the plant depicted is a kind of water-plant. A more naturalistic rendering of the same plant is often found carved around the sides of high class tenth century Yaozhou ewers, as well as on early Cizhou vessels and late Tang silver. The traditional Chinese name for this kind of decoration is baoxiang hua ("Precious Appearance Flower"). 


Dimensions: Diameter: 20.5 cm, 8 ⅛ inches

Date: Northern Song dynasty (960-1279)

Stock No. 1677

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