An early Yaozhou bowl

五代至北宋 十世紀    耀州窯青瓷斂口盌

The bowl is superbly potted with conical sides incurved towards the rim, supported on a low broad footrim. A fine opaque light celadon glaze – possibly over a slip - covers the bowl inside and out, including over the footrim where the remains of three spur marks show how the bowl was supported during firing.

Acquired in Hong Kong in the 1990s
China Guardian Hong Kong, May 30th 2017, lot 710

'Song Ceramics and Works of Art', Priestley & Ferraro, London, 2017, cat. no. 9

Five Dynasties period Yaozhou bowls with similar incurved-rim profiles have been excavated from the Huangpu kiln site in Shaanxi, illustrated in Wudai Huangpu Yao Zhi, ‘ Excavations of the Five Dynasties Period Kiln-Site at Huangpo in Tongchuan, Shaanxi’, plate 22(XXII), nos. 1, 3, 5. A related bowl, datable to the early Northern Song dynasty, excavated from a tomb in Hebei and now in the Pingquan County Cultural Depository, is illustrated in Zhongguo Yaozhouyao, Yaozhou Kiln of China, p. 89, no. 64. Although the purpose of the incurved rim was almost certainly simply to better contain swirling liquid, its profile would have brought to mind the kinds of alms bowls used by monks in earlier dynasties, lending bowls of  this shape bowl an air of wholesome purity.


Dimensions: Diameter: 13 cm, 5 ⅛ inches

Date: Five Dynasties Period (907-960)

Stock No. 2210

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