A limestone oil lamp

北齊   石灰岩油燈

The lamp is of characteristic form with a tall tapered eight-fluted central column supporting a thick-walled hemispherical bowl for the oil reservoir, and resting on cushion-shaped torus and square plinth. The stone is of fine light grey colour.

The Collection of Cheng Huan, S.C., acquired in the 1980s
China Guardian Hong Kong, 30th May 2017, lot 979

Priestley & Ferraro, 'Chinese and Korean Ceramics and Works of Art', November 2018, cat. no. 20

For a pair of stone oil lamps of this form, see Cixian Wanzhang Mural  Tomb of the Northern Dynasties Period, plate 2. The Cixian lamps retain considerable orange pigment to the fluted columns.

Dimensions: Height: 41.5 cm, 16 ⅜ inches

Date: Northern Qi dynasty (550-577)

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