A barbed Dingyao white-glazed stoneware dish

晚唐至五代  定窯白釉花口盤

The dish is of finely potted shallow form with sides rising from a flat circular field to a rim boldly cut with four bracket-shaped lobes, suggesting the outline of a stylized hibiscus bloom. A clear glaze is applied inside and out, stopping short of the low straight footrim to reveal the fine-grained white ware. 

For a dish of this form excavated from the Ding kiln site in Quyang, now in the collection of the Hebei Provincial Research Institute, see Zhongguo Gu Ciyao Daxi. Zhongguo Dingyao, “Series of China’s Ancient Porcelain Kiln Sites. Ding Kiln of China.”, no. 14, p.21. The profile of the rim of the present dish is unusually bold, perhaps suggesting a date towards the early end of the range suggested.

Dimensions: Diameter: 16.7cm, 6¼ inches

Date: Late Tang dynasty (618-906) or Five Dynasties period (907-960), 10th century

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