A carved Yaozhou lotus pattern bowl

金   耀洲窯靑瓷刻蓮花紋盌

The bowl is finely potted with gently rounded sides rising to 
a rim encircled around the outside by a thickened band. The interior is deftly carved with an open lotus blossom and a furled leaf against a ground of scrolling foliage. A bright translucent olive-green glaze covers the bowl inside and out, pooling in the recesses of the carving to a deeper tone. The underside of the foot is applied with the same glaze, showing a caramel colour where it thins. The knife-pared footrim is unglazed, showing the fine-grained ware burnt to a mushroom colour in the firing.

For a bowl formerly in the Eumorfopoulos Collection, decorated in the same manner, see Jan Wirgin, Sung Ceramic Designs, pl. 9a. The same carved design appears also on dishes, perhaps suggesting that they would have originally formed sets. For an example of a dish of this type, excavated in Xunyang county, Shaanxi, in 1992, see, Zhongguo Yaozhouyao, “Yaozhou kiln of China”, no. 162, p. 202, and for another, in the Tokyo National Museum, see The Masterpieces of Yaozhou Ware, no. 94, p. 73. Simpler but more expressive than the Northern Song Yaozhou wares, the Jin dynasty taste in ceramics is well exemplified by the present bowl.

Dimensions: Diameter: 19.1 cm, 7 ½ inches

Date: Jin dynasty (1115-1234), 12th century

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