16. A small Longquan celadon mallet-shaped vase

南宋 龍泉窯小型青瓷紙槌瓶 
The vase is finely potted with slightly convex cylindrical sides, angled shoulders and a tall cylindrical neck beneath an open flared rim. A glaze of bluish grey-green colour covers the vessel inside and out, including the underside of the foot, leaving only the well-made footrim unglazed, showing the grey ware.

North American private collection
Sotheby’s New York, 25th September 2018, lot 233.

A slightly taller Longquan celadon mallet vase of similar proportions, excavated from a Song tomb in Chengdu, Sichuan province and now in the collection of the Sichuan Museum, is illustrated in Wen Wen Yu Se, Zhao Ci Ou, Longquan yao Qingci Yishu, “Warm and Smooth, the Colour of Jade, the Shining Wares of Ou - The Art of Longquan Celadon”, p. 55. The pronounced bluish tone of the grey-green glaze on the present vase suggests that the potters were seeking to emulate the wares made for the court, such as Ru ware and Zhanggongxiang ware, both of which kilns made handleless mallet vases. For a discussion of handleless mallet vases of various types, including glass, Korean celadon, Ru ware and Zhanggongxiang ware, see Qing Gong Chuanshi 12 zhi 14 Shiji Qingci Bo Zhan, “Precious as the Morning Star: 12th-14th Century Celadons in the Qing Court Collection”, no. 45, pp. 44-47.

Dimensions: Height: 13.7 cm, 5⅜ inches

Date: Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279)

Price: On Request