A leiwen-bordered Korean celadon deep cup

高麗 青瓷刻靁紋盃

The cup is stoutly potted with steep rounded sides incurved at the rim, supported on a low tapered foot with narrow footrim. A band of simple stylized leiwen pattern encircles the mouth a little below the rim. A glaze of bubbled opaque sea-green colour is applied overall, including the underside of the base, showing three roughly triangular spur marks.

Japanese private collection

For a celadon cup of similar form decorated with a slightly different leiwen band around the rim, see Selected Items out of Horim Museum, Celadon I, no.17, p. 24.

Dimensions: Diameter: 8 cm, 3⅛ inches Height: 6.8 cm, 2 ⅝ inches

Date: Goryeo dynasty (918-1392), 12th century

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