Four cross shaped bronze fittings with faces, 'jieyue'

春秋或戰國    青銅人面紋叉形節約四件

The fittings are each finely cast in the form of crossing flattened pipes forming "X" shapes, at the central crossing of each of which is a human face, crisply detailed with lens-shaped eyes, a long nose and a small straight mouth, flanked by large "C"-shaped ears. The arms of each fitting are decorated with relief designs. The patina is of dark reddish colour with some greener areas.

Fittings of this form, called jieyue, literally "economizers", were part of the fittings of a horse and chariot, and allowed two leather straps to pass each other but stay crossed. Most frequently they are seen as parts of the bridle.  

Dimensions: Length: 5.4 cm, 2 ⅛ inches

Date: Spring and Autumn (770-475 BC) or Warring States (475-221BC)

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