A Yueyao tall gourd-shaped ewer and cover

北宋早期   越窯葫蘆形連蓋執壺

The ewer is of finely potted tapered upright form with the body lightly divided into six lobes shelving sharply inwards just above the countersunk foot. A curved tubular spout is set on the shoulder opposite a high eight-stranded strap handle. The circular mouth has a neatly canted rim, supporting the domed cover of conforming shape, pierced with two apertures through the rearmost lobe. A fine grey-green glaze covers the vessel overall, including the underside of the foot. The footrim is unglazed, showing eight spur marks between which the fine-grained grey ware is very lightly burnt to an orange-brown colour.

'Yueyao.  The Coming of Age of Chinese Ceramics', Priestley & Ferraro, London, 2011, no. 12.

A  ewer and cover of closely related type is illustrated by Krahl
, Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, vol.3, part II (London, 2006), no.1409, p.410; and another, smaller, ewer is illustrated by Sun Haifang, Zhongguo Yueyao Qingci (Chinese Celadon of Yue Ware), (Shanghai, 2007), no.186, p.189.

A cover from a ewer of similar type, excavated at Silongkou, about four kilometres from Shanglinhu, is illustrated in
Silongkou Yueyao Zhi (‘The Yuezhou Kiln Site at Silongkou’), Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology. (Beijing, 2002), col. illus. 355, where it is noted that it was found in a stratum of the third period of their chronological scheme, corresponding to the very end of the Wuyue Kingdom and the beginning of the Northern Song period up to the reign of Song Zhenzong (968-1022).

Dimensions: Height: 21.7 cm, 8 ½ inches

Date: Early Northern Song dynasty (960-1127), 10th/11th century

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