A Yaozhou black-glazed stoneware lobed ewer

唐  耀州窯黑釉瓜棱形執壺

The ewer is well potted with a tall melon-shaped upper body tapering to a splayed foot and supporting a widely flared mouth linked by a strap handle to the shoulders on one side, opposite a short upright spout. A rich black glaze is applied to the inside of the mouth and to the exterior of the whole ewer, falling short of the base to reveal the fine-grained high-fired ware.  

A ewer of this form  excavated from the site of the Yaozhou kiln, Tongchuan City, is in the collection of the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology. 

Dimensions: Height: 22.2 cm, 8 ¾ inches

Date: Tang dynasty (618-906)

Stock No. 1821

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