A cast-iron head of a bodhisattva

明 鐵造菩薩頭像

The head is well cast with crisply modelled high arched eyebrows, heavy-lidded eyes, and a small mouth with bowed lips. The hair is tightly pulled back and forms two opposed curls on the forehead, with locks falling beside the large-lobed ears. Two loops of a ribbon as part of the now missing diadem appear above the ears, below the domed top of the head with three apertures for attachment. There are several traces of gesso and pigment.

Belgian private collection
Sotheby’s Paris, 16th December 2015, lot 145

For a pair of cast-iron standing figures of bodhisattvas of related type, dated to 1489, in the Brundage collection, no. B68S6, see www. asianart.org.

Dimensions: Height: 25 cm, 9 ⅞ inches

Date: Ming dynasty (1368-1644), 15th century

Stock No. 2166

Price: On Request